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Embrace the Water: a Cities of the Future Conference

  • Clarion Hotel Post 10 Drottningtorget Göteborg, Västra Götalands län, 411 03 Sweden (map)

Conference outline and topic

Water is a great quality in cities, making them attractive. Water strongly influences how we can and should develop the cities. Urban planning can enable more sustainable water management. As cities are facing unprecedented demands and challenges, such as uncertainty in the provision of safe water; needs for improving living conditions; ensuring safety from floods related to climate change and natural disasters; and raising awareness for action so that local communities do not use water in a non-sustainable way; water professionals and urban planners need more than ever to share their knowledge to develop the most sustainable solutions, fostering synergies between water, energy, waste, food, and achieving liveability outcomes for the city.

Traditional planning and management paradigms have become obsolete. Sustainable, regenerative, risk resilient and efficient management of water in cities is driving urban professionals towards thinking different solutions, which often require cross sectoral integration. The conference Embrace the Water will be an interdisciplinary arena for sharing the possibilities and the vision emerging from the paradigm shift in resources management. Save the date to come and join us to learn and share on “sustainable urban water” planning and design at different scales.

The four overarching themes for the conference are:
• Water in urban planning for enhanced livability and citizens’ wellbeing
• Planning under uncertainty, adapting to climate change, enhancing cities resilience to flooding and water scarcity risks
• Regenerative water services for sustainable use and management of water resources
• Transdisciplinary water management engaging the community


CoG - Sustainable Waste and Water, City of Gothenburg
SP - Technical Research Institute of Sweden
IWA - International Water Association
IFHP - International Federation for Housing and Planning
FFS - Swedish Society for Town and Country Planning


SWWA - The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association
LTU - Luleå University of Technonoly
Chalmers – Chalmers University of Technonoly

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